Arctic Escape: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

The Aurora Borealis, or more commonly known, The Northern lights are a spectacular natural display of electrically charged particles, from the sun, entering the earth’s atmosphere and colliding with gaseous particles… This wonderful bit of science results in a stupendous display of colourful lights in the night sky. In order to see the lights at their best, one would need to be away from the light pollution caused by cities or large towns. Some of the best countries to view the Northern lights from include Norway, Alaska, Greenland and of course, Finland.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, in the Urho Kekkonen National Park, is a purpose-built resort. The accommodation available ranges from glass igloos to wedding chambers. This resort is open from about December to May and allows visitors to witness the Northern lights from their own private room. Recently Ralph Lauren shot his fall 2015 collection at Kakslauttanen. Need I say more?

Kakslauttanen is 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, providing the perfect location to witness the Aurora Borealis at its best. Although it’s located in the wilderness, Kakslauttanen offers luxury accommodation and facilities including two restaurants, smoke saunas –the world’s largest I might add- and event venues. Kakslauttanen also offers both winter and summer weddings, the latter they term, “The Nightless Night”.

PALVELUT_Ravintolat_1 PALVELUT_Ravintolat_2 PALVELUT_Kokoustilat_1 MAJOITUS_Perinnetalo_1 MAJOITUS_Lasi-iglut_1 kakslauttanen_Kelo-glass_igloo_1366x768 Kakslauttanen_Aurora_August HÄÄT-JA-HÄÄMATKAT_Majoitus_2


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